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Getting a pair of stylish shoes from Birkenstocks is like a pipe dream to some customers due to its huge price. These hand-made shoes are equipped with all the good qualities you need, from pure leather sole to comfortable EVA foam. And these are the things that make this brand a little costly!

But hey! Why you’re getting upset? I’m here with some knock off Birkenstocks, which look almost the same, and their quality isn’t bad at all. And guess what? You can easily get a pair of imitation Birkenstock without paying hundreds of dollars, yep.

Original Product: Birkenstock Sandal

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More Original Birkenstock Sandal

The Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal is a simple, comfortable sandal that has been made in Germany for over 200 years. These sandals feature adjustable straps with buckle closures, a contoured footbed, anda cork midsole. These shoes are perfect for everyday wear and will mold to your feet for ultimate comfort.

The BIRKENSTOCK Mayari thong sandal is a jaunty model with a toe loop. The contoured footbed provides outstanding comfort, while the toe loop keeps the sandal securely in place on your foot. The cork midsole ensures that these sandals will mold to your feet over time for the perfect fit.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or just running errands, the Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal is a great choice for all-day comfort and style.


  • Contoured footbed for ultimate comfort
  • Toe loop for a secure fit
  • Cork midsole molds to your feet
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes


  • Not for frequent use in water

Top 6 Picks Knock Off Birkenstocks

So, without more delays, go down below and see my 6 Alternative Brands of Birkenstocks

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After doing plenty of research, I’ve handpicked some good-quality and reasonable pieces of shoes similar to Birkenstocks. Let’s see which one is the best!

1. FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Comfort Slides Flat Sandals

FUNKYMONKEY Women's Comfort Slides Flat Sandals

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Ladies first! And this is why I’m going to present a pair of women slides from FUNKYMONKEY designed for those who’re looking for sandals like Birkenstock at a fair price. Let’s see the features now.

First off, it comes in a pure synthetic sole along with adjustable buckles, for which you can ensure a perfect fitting depending on your feet size. These classic slides can be taken with you everywhere if you want.

Don’t worry about the color, girls; you’re getting tons of different options to choose from. Surprisingly, you’re getting more than 40 colors to meet your tastes.

Apart from the colors, the manufacturer of this brand offers a couple of sizes as well. From the US standard 6 to 10, you can easily get the one that you’re desiring for.

I’m pretty sure it won’t let you down if comfort is your concern. With an anti-skid outsole, the model right here provides better arch support, and more importantly, the footbed is so comfy due to the high-quality EVA foam.

So, feel free to walk all day long without even dealing with ankle pain or such issues!

With an ultra-light design, these pairs of slides are waterproof, easily washable, and suit multiple dresses, such as shorts, t-shirts, and jeans. So, I think every girl can use them for both regular walking and shopping.


  • Multiple sizes with 40+ colors
  • Pure synthetic sole maximizes durability
  • EVA foam for better comfort
  • Adjustable buckles enhance users’ convenience
  • A better alternative to birkenstock


  • Sometimes, soles become slippery in the rainy season

2. Women’s Sandal from CUSHIONAIRE

Women’s Sandal from CUSHIONAIRE

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Trust me, speaking of outlook, this one from CUSHIONAIRE is quite similar to Birkenstocks! So, it might fill your cup if you need something from Birkenstocks but unable to break your bank!

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This one has got two straps with adjustable options so that you can make these sandals your type. If it still doesn’t fit perfectly, there are a lot of sizes available for your convenience.

Not only the sizes, but these sandals provide 20+ different colors to suit your preferences.

The upper straps it gets are of top-quality vegan, making them extremely comfortable and reliable.

As for insoles, it’s fully cushioned and made of leather to let you walk for hours at a stretch without any pain or fatigue. For adding extra comfort, these sandals give adequate arch support, thankfully.

No need to think about the outsole, it’s manufactured with premium EVA foam to make sure ultimate longevity. The platform comes in a measurement of nearly 1.25 inches, a perfect option for almost all ladies!


  • Adjustable straps with EVA outsole for flexibility and comfort
  • Numerous sizes and more than 20 colors are available
  • Pure suede insoles ensure optimal comfort and durability
  • Fully cushioned with a flexible cork footbed
  • Looks alike birkenstock


  • Straps are weaker

3. Luna Sandal from CUSHIONAIRE

Luna Sandal from CUSHIONAIRE

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Pay attention girls! Are you concerned about style? If so, then my 3rd pick from CUSHIONAIRE is here to put a smile on your face. With a platform of about 1.25 inches, the pair of sandals suit jeans, shorts, trousers, shirts, and such dresses best.

From a smaller 5 to the extra-wider 13, girls are getting several sizes to adjust their feet perfectly with these sandals. Additionally, you can adjust the straps as well according to your requirements.

The pure synthetic sole makes it great when it comes down to durability. Plus, the vegan upper takes the comfort to a whole new level!

Talking about insoles, these are fully cushioned, and the outsoles equip EVA foam. So, I hope it’ll last for years with proper care and maintenance.

From golden to the unique stone color, the maker of this brand delivers over 10 different colors. But my personal pick is the exquisite “brown” one.

You’ll be happy to hear that these sandals come in excellent arch support. It’s a big plus if you’re dealing with irritating ankle pain.

So, in my opinion, these imitation Birkenstock sandals might be your go-to, especially if you’re hungry for quality Birkenstock shoes at a reasonable price.


  • Stylish and suits almost every costume
  • 10+ colors with so many sizes available
  • Gives excellent arch support
  • Pure synthetic with vegan upper soles makes it sturdy


  • Flimsy straps

4. Mayari Sandals from TF STAR

Mayari Sandals from TF STAR

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Believe it or not, off brand Birkenstock isn’t always poor! And the Mayari Sandals from TF STAR is a great example of it. Made of a better combination of synthetic and leather, it makes sure durability and comfort at the same time.

The insole of these sandals is equipped with natural cow suede that absorbs more moisture compared to the typical ones. Alongside it, the maker has added a rubber elastic pad under the insole to make your feet more comfortable.

When we talk about the heel, you’ll find an oval cushion on it, giving maximum support to keep your feet away from pain. And guess what? The EVA outsole enhances flexibility and absorbs shock in the best way possible.

With a high-quality metal buckle, you’ll be able to adjust the strap according to your needs. Don’t worry even if it doesn’t fit perfectly with your feet; there are a couple of sizes where you can find the suitable one.

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As for colors, these shoes offer coffee, white, navy, and black. Overall, these casual slippers are great for both teenagers and girls who’re looking for shoes like Birkenstocks but cheaper in price.


  • A better combination of synthetic and leather
  • Cow suede insoles absorb optimal moisture
  • Rubber elastic pad adds extra comfort
  • Shock-absorbing outsoles for ultimate convenience
  • Comes in different sizes with adjustable straps


  • Mold might grow over time

5. Seranoma Microsuede Cork Clogs for Women

Seranoma Microsuede Cork Clogs for Women

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These imported shoes similar to Birkenstock are a popular choice for every woman who wants to enjoy the winter by keeping their feet entirely warm. It comes with a comfy plush lining, which provides optimum comfort and warmth, making it a better choice for the cold season.

The frontal strap, along with the microsuede finishing, ensures a classy look. So undoubtedly, the fashionable pair of shoes suit both outdoors and indoors.

On account of the top-notch EVA foam, you’re going to get maximum comfort from it. Besides, the anti-slipping texture makes it friendly with slippery surfaces. Consequently, you can walk much more safely and conveniently.

Looking for tons of color options? The Birkenstock alike shoes have got your back! From felt blue to olive, there are more than 15 different colors available for you.

What about the sizes? Well, you can easily fit these shoes perfectly with your feet by choosing between 6 to 11 sizes.


  • Microsuede finishing with frontal straps for a classy look
  • High-quality EVA foam offers adequate comfort to the users
  • Trendy, stylish, and much affordable compared to the real birkenstocks
  • Over 15 colors and a number of sizes available
  • Anti-slipping texture to make it safe for all


  • Seems a little narrow in size
  • Gets uncomfortable clogs

6. Unisex Safety Shoes from INiceslipper

Unisex Safety Shoes from INiceslipper

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My last and final pick is brought to you by INiceslipper, a unisex product that both males and females can use. One interesting fact is, it is water-resistant safety footwear, which you can put on in both dry and wet seasons.

The sole it comes with is made of rubber that makes it compatible with muddy and watery surfaces. More importantly, the pair of shoes are manufactured with environment-friendly materials, making them suitable for all.

With breathable insoles, you’ll notice air vents on this footwear. So, by puncturing them properly, it’s possible to improve the breathability so that you won’t feel annoying or stuffy, even after walking for too long.

Since these shoes are oil proof, you can easily use them in your kitchen and garden. And also, don’t worry about the sizes, you’ll find so many options for your feet.


  • Rubber sole makes it water-resistant
  • Able to keep feet warm in the cold weather
  • Insoles equip air vents to improve breathability
  • Oil-proof and perfect for use in garden or kitchen 


  • Unable to provide optimal arch support
  • The outsole might come off within months

Things to Consider Before Buying

These days, the current market is loaded with tons of junk, especially when it comes to shoes. Chances are you’ll get the wrong one, or even the worst one if you don’t know how to find the best knock off Birkenstocks.

Relax! Ensure to stick with me because I’ll let you know some of the specific things you should consider before making a final purchase.

Consider the Size

Hands down, this is the first thing that you should keep in mind before buying imitation Birkenstocks. It doesn’t matter whether it looks too much attractive or not, if the pair of footwear you’ve got don’t fit perfectly with your feet, your valuable cash will go in vain!

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Comfort matters a lot when you’re in the shop to get a pair of slides or sandals. The shoes that you’re searching for should be equipped with high-quality EVA foam or something like that, for which you can walk for hours and hours without any fatigue.

As for soles, both insole and outsole should be cushioned and made of pure leather for pain-free walking.


Alongside the comfort, users should provide equal attention to durability. Leather and synthetic; are two great things to make a pair of shoes more long-lasting and durable.

Rubber might be another good option if you’re looking for water-resistant shoes. But unlike the leather, these won’t give you that much comfort, keep in mind.

Adjustable Straps

It’s always a plus to have slides that come in adjustable buckles. With its assistance, you’ll be capable of making your shoes absolutely perfect for your feet.

Not only should the buckles be adjustable, but these should be pretty much sturdy as well so that you won’t need to spend extras on repairing them.


Last but certainly not least, the cost of your sandals should be affordable, and this is why you’re here to get knock off Birkenstocks instead of the original one, right?

Well, so before having a new one, ensure to focus on the outlook of your shoes, quality, and of course, the range or price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are knock off Birkenstocks waterproof?

Here, I’ve added some of the Birkenstock alternative brands which are equipped with a waterproof design. These are easy to wash off and compatible with muddy and watery floors.

2. Why are Birkenstock shoes so expensive?

Indeed, Birkenstock uses high-quality foam, pure leather, and a classy appearance to make it a little pricey.

But don’t worry! You can rely on the Birkenstock knock off brands, which are designed for those who want to get the same feel of using an original Birkenstock but unable to spend a small fortune!

3. What should I do if I notice mold in my shoes?

In that case, you should use adequate amounts of detergent with some warm water to remove the mold or such annoying things from your footwear.

But if you’re totally unable to get rid of that, you should buy a new one and avoid using the older one.

4. What’s the standard size of a kick off Birkenstock?

Actually, the size depends on the product that you want to buy. Some models feature over 7 to 8 different sizes. But in general, you’ll find an imitation Birkenstock with a size of 6 to 10 (standard).

5. Which pair of shoes can be used by both men and women?

Here, I’ve got the Unisex Safety Shoes from INiceslipper that is compatible with both males and females. It’s waterproof, oil-proof, and ideal to use in the kitchen and garden.

Wrapping Up!

Everyone can’t afford a pair of Birkenstock shoes due to their huge price range. So, my write-up on knock off Birkenstocks might fill your demands, especially if you can’t spend lots of dollars on that high-end brand shoes.

Women’s Slides from FUNKYMONKEY has got almost everything you need from a pair of imitation Birkenstocks. The sole it gets is pure synthetic, ensuring maximum durability.

Besides that, Women’s Sandal from CUSHIONAIRE might be another go-to, especially if you’re looking for a wide variety of color options at a fair price.

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