Knock Off Chacos | Top 5 Sandals Like Chacos But Cheaper

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Are you a true hiker? Then who can tell it better than you what those hiking boots do to your feet after the day-long hiking? Feet ache, sweating, bad odor – none of these will be missing from the list of its negative outcomes.

But have you ever thought of replacing those with knock-off Chacos? We say you just give it a shot, and you’ll start loving its features like superb comfort, anti-skid soles, adjustable straps, and all-weather design.

Well, it seems you’ve already come here right after making up your mind for that. Don’t worry; you won’t have to go back without a perfect pair of knock-off Chacos. After all, we’re here to bring you all the ideal options that you’d like to choose from.

The List of the Best Off Brand Chacos Sandals

We think it’s better to let you not get more puzzled with hundreds of options out there. So, we’ve cut the list short with the top five knock-off Chacos that we think can serve you out there with all those challenging terrains:

1. CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals

CIOR Women's Sport Sandals

Do you know the worst part about hiking with boots in the summer? You get sweaty feet for free. We say try to do the same with the Women’s Sports Sandals from CIOR and see how that changes all of it at once.

Indeed it’s the comfort that will be the first thing you’ll ask for in any knock off Chacos sandals. Thankfully, its impact-absorbing, super soft textured insole got the part covered beautifully with some extra grip and total flexibility. Besides, its anti-slip sole makes sure you’re getting a solid grip over the ground as well.

To keep the feet in place, it’s got the adjustable hook-loop. So, regardless of the foot shape, you can keep it adjusted from top to bottom all the time.

But there’s another thing that causes irritation while using sandals, and that is blisters. The good news is this pair got padded heel straps to keep your heels secured from that hazard. By the way, there are 15 designs of these sandals you can pick from. Looks like you’ve got a chance to serve your style once again.


  • Anti-slip sole delivers better grip
  • Soft and textured insole ensures greater comfort
  • Adjustable hook-loop helps with tight-fitting
  • Padded heel straps prevent blisters
  • Comes in 15 different designs


  • Insufficient traction in case of heavy-duty stuff

2. MEGNYA Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals with Arch Support

MEGNYA Women's Walking Sandals

How would you feel about adding one of the finest alternatives to Chacos to your collection? If your answer is great, then you better get ready to grab the Women’s Walking Sandals from MEGNYA.

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The first thing that will snatch your attention is its hand-woven straps. Once you slip your feet in these skin-friendly straps, they’ll make them look way better than before. On top of that, the rubber sole of this cheaper version of Chacos brings in all the sturdiness and flexibility you’ll need out there.

Its outsole has been proved remarkably effective against slippery surfaces. So, in case you’re asking for something skid-proof this time, then you can rely on this one with closed eyes.

But what you’re going to simply fall in love with here is its arch support. So, if you’ve got no other place to alleviate your feet ache, then try this pair on. By the way, they’re waterproof. So, stop holding yourself back from the water. Plus, with 24 different designs, you can get a pair for each of your dresses if you want.


  • Hand-woven straps are totally skin-friendly
  • Rubber sole keeps it all sturdy and flexible
  • Outsoles are perfectly skid-proof
  • Awesome arch support for relieving the feet pain
  • Available in 24 different designs


  • Adjusting the straps can be tricky

3. Lancholy Women’s Original Sandals with Yoga Mat Insole

Lanchoy Women's Original Sandals

Imagine getting a pair that you can keep in your feet anywhere you go, and it keeps the style up no matter what you wear. Well, that’s totally possible when you’ve got Women’s Original Sandals from Lancholy in your feet.

To nail the comfort part, the makers have added not one or two but four layers to build up the sole of this pair. Guess what result came up after that? Yes, uninterrupted comfort all over the feet.

It comes with the Yoga mat insole that works perfectly with absorbing impact. Plus, its ability to quicker drying makes it a kind of all-surface footwear. But how can it possibly be a good hiking sandal if it can’t even prevent skidding? Well, it seems the rubber sole handled that part amazingly.

But can these sandals save the feet from chafing? We wouldn’t have worried about that if we were you. After all, there’s a padded heel strap waiting to take care of that. Besides, the adjustable hook and loop will make you feel like the sandals were made just for you.


  • Four-layer sole gives an extra touch of comfort
  • Yoga mat insole helps with impact absorbency
  • Rubber sole eliminates the chances of skidding
  • Padded heel strap ensures reduction of chafing
  • Adjustable hook and loop helps with perfect fitting


  • Requires more traction for heavy-duty work

4. Viakix Walking Sandals for Women

Viakix Women’s Walking Sandals

It’s time to bring something with a bit more sturdiness and a superior look. Even you, too, will admire the greater performance of Women’s Walking Sandals from Viakix after taking a peek at them.

All the knock off Chacos brands is trying to make hiking footwear focus on comfort first. Like them, team Viakix has also walked on the same road and ensured maximum comfort with the cushioned EVA-foam midsoles.

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That’s not all. To keep it attached to your feet, they’ve added stylish textile straps with maximum adjustability. By the way, there are 6 different designs of this pair that you can pick your preferred one from.

But what has made this sandal a true hiking material is its sole. With the grooved outsole, it can bite the ground and terminate the chances of skidding like a piece of cake.

There’s one more thing that has taken this to a more acceptable level, and that is its Arch support. Anyone who’s been suffering from foot aches can relate to how this arch support will help them in reducing the pain.


  • Grooved outsole maximizes the stability
  • EVA-foam midsoles ensure superior comfort
  • Textile straps help with easier adjustments
  • Comes in 6 stylish designs
  • Efficient arch support reduces feet pain


  • Small lip around makes it look bigger

5. Teva Men’s Original Universal Urban Sandal

Teva Universal Urban Sandal

Are you looking for shoes like Chacos but cheaper? Well, probably this one on our list is going to be a big match for you then. After all, it’s the Universal Urban Sandal from Teva.

The makers have tried to give it a natural look, and the first step to that was getting it the Quick-drying straps. From the name, you can assume that spilling water on it won’t be able to damage it even a bit. Guess what these are made of? It’s 100% recycled plastic.

Plus, its Universal Strapping System has left no scope to fall short on adjustability. But what has made it a pure source of comfort is its EVA footbed. Once you slip your feet in, you won’t feel like taking them off while taking those uneven routes.

Then comes the prime feature you need to face the tough terrains – the traction. For pulling that off, team Teva has used Rubber outsole, which not only will get all the traction you need but will also last for a very long time.


  • Recycled plastic made straps allows water to dry faster
  • Universal Strapping System ensures better adjustability
  • EVA footbed delivers day-long comfort
  • Rubber outsole maximizes the traction and durability


  • Strap quality could’ve been better

What to Look for Before Buying Chacos Alternatives?

If you’re not in the mood to waste a few more bucks of yours in the wrong Knock Off Chacos, then it’s high time to learn to choose the right one. Picking that up gets way easier right from the moment you figure out what makes the Chacos sandals perfect for your feet.

If you’ve still got no clue about that, we say check the following things out and bring home what deserves to be yours.

Comfortable Insole

This is what your feet are going to come in direct contact with. So, make sure that the insoles are sufficiently comfortable as you might have to spend a huge amount of time wearing them.

Anti-Skid Outsole

Clearly, skidding is not the kind of hassles anyone likes to go through in the first place. You better pick up knock-off Chacos that come with anti-skid outsoles in order to save yourself from any kind of accident on a sloped surface.

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Adjustable Straps

Just getting the right size is not always enough. You need to keep it all adjusted too. But what does it in the best way are adjustable straps. So, check if your one got that or not.

Arch Support

We count arch support as an amazing addition to the designs of modern footwear. It doesn’t only make a perfect fit for your feet but also allows you to relieve your pains and let your feet relax.


Who said you can’t look cool while hiking? After all, what you’re wearing also represents your own style too. So, it’s better to pick a design that makes you look good. 


These days shoes are more of a versatile part of daily wear, and that includes the knock-off Chacos too. So, we suggest you get a pair that you can not only use at hiking but at other places too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do knock-off Chacos hurt in the beginning?

Don’t be surprised if they do, but it won’t be taking more than a couple of weeks for them to break in. But we say you can minimize the chance of hurting by getting pairs that are of perfect size and come with padded heel straps.

  • Are all Chacossandals unisex?

No, not all of them. Actually, most of them are very specific about the gender of the users.

  • What if the purchased pairs are not water-proof?

Interestingly, not all the knock-off Chacos are water-proof. But that’s not a bad thing if they’ve got the quick-drying feature. So, it’ll be better if you can choose one like that if it’s not waterproof by nature.

  • Is there any health risk related to wearing Chacossandals?

No, actually they have multiple health benefits. For example, they can bring improvement to body alignment along with preventing heel pain.

  • How long can knock-off Chacos last?

Well, they’re made to last for a long time. But if you’re asking for a number, then with proper care, it’s possible to make them last up to 10 years.

Final Words

For hikers, a perfect pair of footwear can simply take their hiking experience to a whole other level. But if it’s anything like the knock-off Chacos then nothing can stop you from reaching there. All you need to do is pick the best one for you.

For example, if you’re more into superior heel protection, then go with the CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals. But when it’s about maximum versatility, then we say MEGNYA Women’s Walking Sandals is a better choice. And in case you’re asking for a sporty look, then Viakix Women’s Walking Sandals will be more ideal.

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