Knock Off Crocs | 6 Shoes That Look Like Crocs But Cheaper

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How would you feel getting a pair of shoes that will sustain longer, resistant to water and odor, boast an awesome design, great breathability, and versatility? Amazing, right? But we haven’t seen the top shoe brands thinking about bringing anything like that lately, not with a low price tag at least.

Guess what? We’ve got something that can bring in all these features together without even breaking your bank. It’s the knock off Crocs that we’re talking about. You didn’t see that coming, did you?

Original Crocs

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We’ve also found out the finest, not one or two but 6 of them so that you can choose your one easily this time. Can’t wait to see them? Well, they’re waiting below for you.

The List of the Best Crocs Alternatives

Yes, we’ve promised you the top 6 knock-off Crocs, and that’s what is coming your way:

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1. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes AM1521

Amoji AM1521

Clearly, you’re not in the mood to spoil another pair of your shoes in the mud of your garden. So, why don’t you just give AM1521 Garden Clogs Shoes from Amoji a chance then?

Thanks to the EVA resin material that has made them simply a pure source of comfort and flexibility. But there’s another amazing aspect of this material that you’ll find out right after putting your feet in them, and that is its weight which is only 8.78 ounce.

On top of that, it won’t let you slip on a wet surface. After all, that’s what its non-slip design is meant to do. But what if you feel like your feet have started to sweat? Well, we don’t see a chance of that as the AM1521 is perfectly breathable.

And doesn’t matter if you want it for indoor or outdoor activities, it’s compatible with both. Plus, with 11 different colors, you’ve got a low chance of missing your favorite color. By the way, regardless of gender, anyone can use it.


  • Weighs 8.78 ounces only
  • Made of comfortable and flexible material
  • Comes with a non-slip design
  • High on breathability
  • Offers 11 different colors


  • A bit longer strap would’ve been better

2. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes CL1820

Amoji CL1820

Looking for the regular shoes that you can wear every time when you take your dog for a walk? Well, in that case, you don’t need to look for them if you’ve got a pair of CL1820 Garden Clogs Slip-On Shoes from Amoji.

Indeed durability matters the most when you’re looking for some Croc like clogs. Thankfully, the CL1820 won’t disappoint you with its thick sole when all you want is to make it last longer. This sole is an amazing stress reliever as well, along with ensuring a stronger grip and traction.

Now comes the question, how good is it with the air circulation? Well, if you didn’t miss noticing the upper can design, then you’ve already seen the ventilation system, too, we guess. That doesn’t only ensure total breathability but also makes them dry faster.

And of course, like the other models, team Amoji has managed to keep the comfort high here too. Thanks to their unique bump design backed by massage granules for that. Plus, the rubber sole they come with minimizes the chances of slipping too.

By the way, for whom are you planning to buy these? No matter who it is, you can get these unisex slip-on shoes and for both outdoor and indoor usage, of course. And relax about the colors as you’ve got 7 beautiful options there.

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  • Good air circulation system
  • Comes with the non-slip rubber sole
  • Plenty of color options
  • Perfect for any gender and age
  • Releases stress and dries faster


  • The inner surface could’ve been smoother

3. Eagsouni Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes

Eagsouni Garden Clogs Shoes

Come on! You can’t get caught in some cheap Crocs knockoffs, especially when the designs on them are missing the total visual appeal. But we’re quite sure that you’re going to love the Garden Clogs Shoes from Eagsouni as they’ve nailed that part with 17 gorgeous designs.

To push the breathability to a better level, the makers have got these wear-resistant shoes, the Hollow Out design. With it, it’s impossible to remain wet for long.

But that’s not what we call the best part of these beautiful shoes. It’s the massage particles that give you a soft feeling full of comfort. A big share of thanks goes to its Ethylene Vinyl Acetate-made sole for that too.

Besides, it has amazing bendability that has made it less prone to breaking or cracking. And, of course, this anti-slip sole won’t let you experience skidding at all. Plus, with a weight of 120-130g, they’re not going to make your bag any heavier when you’re planning to travel with them.


  • Takes less time to dry
  • Doesn’t crack when bended
  • Resistant to wear
  • Weighs between 120-130g only
  • Comes with beautiful designs


  • A bit squeaky

4. XIANV Unisex Clogs Garden Shoes

XIANV Clogs Garden Shoes

To us, another name of toughness is XIANV Clogs Garden Shoes, and they’ve proved us right once again. But why have we actually put this Crocs alternative on our list?

Well, that’s because they deserve it, and after seeing their super tough Polyvinyl Chloride sole, we guess you’ll agree with us too. The sole itself has turned it into perfectly versatile footwear as you can use them for the garden, gym, walking, working, shopping, bathroom, hotels, etc.

With its hollow-out ports for ventilation, you can say goodbye to your fear of sweaty feet. So, clearly, you can give full marks on this one for breathability alone. By the way, it’s high on comfort too.

And yes, the structure is light, and the weight is so low that you might feel like wearing feathers on your feet. This feature also makes them a perfect pair to carry around.

Plus, if you think that they might come off easily, then you’re free to use the straps to keep them in place all the time.


  • Works as a versatile footwear
  • Doesn’t come off easily due to straps
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Excellent in upper ventilation
  • Great in breathability and comfort


  • Prone to damage under high temperature

5. INiceslipper Unisex Anti-Slip Chef Clog Work Shoes

INiceslipper Chef Clog Work Shoes

Did you really think we won’t keep something on our list for the professionals? No way! It’s time to get you the one of that segment, and that is the Chef Clog Work Shoes from INiceslipper.

We don’t know how many clog shoes you’ve put on so far without worrying about its effects on your skin. But this one is different, thanks to its environmentally friendly materials. And cleaning them is simply a breeze.

As these are mainly focused on being work shoes, the makers have given them the rubber sole to make them anti-skid. So, once you put them on, slipping on a floor is kind of next to impossible. Plus, with the availability of all possible sizes, they’ve been proved useful for people of any age and gender.

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On top of that, they’ll not only save you from fatigue, but also their massage particles will get you rid of fatigue if you’ve got any. By the way, in case you’re regularly working for long hours, these specially designed shoes are going to be a great help for you, thanks to the massage footbed and shoe insole.

And yes, these are water and oil-proof. So, those two liquids are not going to be able to spoil your shoes for sure.


  • Helps in relieving fatigue
  • Water and oil proof
  • Perfect for long working hours
  • Boasts anti-skid feature
  • Cleaning is simple and easy


  • Have no holes for ventilation

6. Native Shoes Unisex-Child Jefferson Junior Water Shoe

Native Shoes C7 M US

Some things can easily deceive us with their looks. Lately, we’ve found another example of that, and it’s none other than the C7 M US clog shoes from Native Shoes.

We bet you thought they were regular shoes after seeing their amazing design, didn’t you? It seems you won’t have to look for your shoes anymore when you’re in a rush to go outside. You can just get out with putting these on, and no one will even notice.

To turn them into more practical footwear, the makers have made them shock absorbent. On top of that, their odor resistance ability makes them a perfect pair for daily usage. And yes, they’re hand-washable. So, you won’t be having any trouble cleaning them up neatly.

With their rubber sole, you can be sure that no pile of water on the road can make you slip on it. And if you ever soak in the water, their fast-drying ability won’t let you wait too long to put them back on. Plus, the lightweight foam gives a feather-like feeling with total perfection.


  • Capable of absorbing shocks
  • Resistant to odor
  • Easy to clean and hand-washable
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Low chance of slipping


  • A bit expensive

What to Look for Before Buying Knock Off Crocs?

There’s nothing surprising when we see people running for cheap Croc like shoes without thinking about any ins and outs. But the truth is, you still can’t take your focus off of the quality, no matter whatever you’re buying and that includes knock off Crocs too.

So, how are you going to figure this one out? Well, it’s simple; just check out the following things before you go for the next buy.


No matter how much you spend on knock-off crocs, it won’t sustain long enough unless the quality material backs it up. On that race, high-quality EVA material has really left its mark. So, before you confirm the purchase, make sure you’re spending on something like this.


Who doesn’t love putting on something stylish, and we bet you do too. Then, would you go with something dull on this one? So, when you’re picking up a pair of clog shoes, check out what kind of uniqueness does its design has to offer and how many varieties there are with the colors.


We don’t know what the size of your foot is, but you do. So, when you’re choosing your next pair, you have to make sure that the model is offering your size.


Obviously, you’re not going to love a pair of clog shoes that will smell like a pile of awful odor. This is the reason why breathability is given so much importance in such footwear.


What if you’re in a rush to get the supplies and can’t find your shoes. Well, that problem can be solved when your clog shoes are versatile enough to be used anywhere, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

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Temperature Tolerance

Temperature can do more damage than you expect when it comes to shoes that look like Crocs. So, your one has to be tolerant enough to a certain level of temperature so that you won’t have to worry about the damage that the heat outside can cause.

Wear Resistance

Clearly, they have to be wear-resistant or at least tolerant enough to a certain level. Otherwise, they won’t be surviving long if you’re planning to take them outside regularly for a rough ride.


How are you going to feel after seeing cracks on your brand new clog shoes just because you’ve gone on your knees a couple of times? Not good, we guess. So, not to face anything like that, you’ll have to get a pair that won’t react negatively with a little bending.


Don’t forget to check the grip as you would not like to fall on your back after stepping on a wet surface. So, make sure your clog shoes are coming with anti-slip properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Under what circumstances can knock-off crocs get smelly?

Usually, not too many knock-off crocs get smelly as they come with a design to prevent moisture which leads to bad odor. But if a pair of shoes similar to Crocsis getting smelly, then probably it’s because of not being breathable enough.

2. What makes knock-off Crocs easy to clean?

The material, of course. The beauty of their material is no dirt or mud can stay on it for long. With a simple wash, it’ll be clean as new.

3. Can cheap off brand Crocs cause any harm to your feet?

Crocs don’t cause harm, not even the cheap off brand Crocs. But to be on the safe side, it’s better if you don’t wear them at high temperatures.

4. What problem do the short straps of knock-off Crocs can cause?

Basically, they’re made to keep your feet in place and eliminate the chance of coming off. But if the straps are too short, it might make your feet feel a bit suffocated.

5. Why do the knock-off crocs dry faster?

There are two reasons for that; One, being breathable, and two, being waterproof. As they don’t suck water, the water remains only on the surface and dries easily. And due to being breathable, sufficient airflow makes it easier to make the drying faster.

Final Words

Indeed all the knock off Crocs we’ve told you about so far are worth picking. But we know you’re looking for a certain pair, and 6 options can surely take you to the point of confusion as all of them are excellent. So, we thought of making it a bit easier for you with our suggestions.

If you’re looking for something with better wear resistance and bendability, then we’d say you can try the Eagsouni Garden Clogs Shoes. But if your focus is more on something that is closer to casual footwear that you can use outside, too, then it’s better to have the Native Shoes C7 M US.

And when you want nothing but something entirely professional that can help you with long working hours, the INiceslipper Chef Clog Work Shoes is going to be a perfect choice.

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