Top 6 Knock Off Doc Martens in 2022

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When you want to up your style game, changing up your footwear can be highly effective. Your best bet at looking stylish and standing out is wearing boots.

However, being the highly fashionable footwear option, good quality boots can be pretty expensive. Especially if you want to go for boots like Doc Martens. Lucky for you, there are several knock off Doc Martens available.

Not all of them are the best, though. You might actually find a few very cheap ones that won’t last long or look that good. With amazing leather and long-lasting features, the boots that we have compiled on this list will surely catch your eye.

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Top 6 Knock Off Doc Martens

So, here are our top picks for the best alternatives to Dr. Martens. We’ve scoured through the internet to find only the best of the best, so you don’t have to bear the hassle of research.

1. VEPOSE Ankle Boots for Women

VEPOSE Ankle Boots for Women

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Right off the bat, we have a pair of boots that will surely please the ladies reading this article. These shoes are produced by the brand VEPOSE, and might we say these are one of the most high-quality boots we’ve seen that are rather budget-friendly!

They look a LOT like Doc Martens. Made from premium quality synthetic leather and possessing a rubber sole, this pair of ankle boots would surely qualify as off brand Doc Martens.

The boots also feature a classic lacing with metal eyelets, which make it look very rugged and perfect for wearing with dark-colored jeans. In terms of looking good, not many boots will be able to compete with this one.

This particular one has a low heel along with a soft insole with latex padding, making it very comfortable and convenient to walk in.

So, while this brand is nothing extravagant, they surely produce quality pairs of shoes that would appeal to the fashion-loving crowd who are on a budget.

Check it out if you prefer this kind of boots!


  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather
  • Comfortable latex padded insole
  • Comes with a durable rubber sole
  • Good quality lacing with metal eyelets
  • Looks stylish


  • Not the best option for women looking for a high heel boot

2. Forever Ink Military Boots for Women

Forever Ink Military Boots for Women

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If you liked the previous one, trust us, you’re going to love this one even more. If the VEPOSE one seemed a little too low for your liking, and you prefer very high-top boots, the one by Forever Ink would surely appeal to you.

Made using vegan materials, this pair of knock off Dr. Martens is one of the best sets of boots you will come across. Costing not nearly as much as Doc Martens themselves, these boots will make you look like a million bucks!

Similar to the previous product, this one also has a rubber sole that helps you walk comfortably and conveniently. The lacing is done through metal eyelets just like the last boots and stays tightly tied to offer you a snug fit.

On top of that, it also comes with a zipper on the side to make taking it off far more convenient than other boots. And as for the heel, it isn’t too high either.

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If you are a woman looking for some high-quality boots similar to Doc Martens, this pair of boots would certainly qualify.


  • High top design looks fashionable
  • Made from vegan leather
  • Zipper on the side for easy taking off
  • Good quality lacing and eyelets


  • Not for women looking for high heel boots

3. Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Boots for Women

Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Boots for Women

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For our third contender, we have a pair of Chelsea boots by the brand Kenneth. We know what you might be thinking right now, “but Chelsea boots look nothing like Doc Martens?” So, exactly why did we include this on our list?

Well, because even though they don’t have laces, they can surely be considered an alternative to Doc Martens, as in terms of functionality, they are similar.

The most convenient part of a Chelsea boot is that it is the easiest to both put on and take off. You could consider them the loafers of the boot world.

This particular pair of Chelsea boots are made of faux leather for the most part and has mesh lining. With a Synthetic material for the outsole, you get a better grip on the road. And providing utmost comfort, these shoes also feature a cushioned insole.

Available in multiple sizes, this is a pair of boots mainly meant for women.


  • Easy putting on and taking off
  • Made of high-quality faux leather
  • Looks great


  • If you prefer laces, this is not the best option

4. EVER BOOTS Construction Boots for Men

EVER BOOTS Construction Boots for Men

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If you’re a fan of construction boots, this one’s surely one of the best choices for you. Instead of a complete clone, if you prefer shoes that look like Doc Martens but not really, this one will be a perfect choice.

Good news for people who want to get a pure leather boot because this bad boy is made of the real stuff. The upper is made of high-quality leather and is attached to a rubber outsole to provide the toughest of grips while walking on rough terrains.

Ladies, get you a man that’s like these boots! This pair of boots is just like the ideal man – rugged and tough on the outside but soft and supportive on the inside. We’ve already mentioned how tough it is, but let us enlighten you about its comfortability.

The PU insole offers comfort like no other boot and supports you throughout your entire wear. It is easy to wear and take off as well. Overall, one of the best boots that won’t cost a fortune.


  • Rugged and tough on the outside
  • Soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Made of pure leather
  • Convenient to walk on rough terrain wearing these boots


  • You can’t get away with calling these Doc Martens in front of friends

5. Caterpillar Work Boots for Men

Caterpillar Work Boots for Men

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While looking for boots like Doc Martens, we stumbled upon this pair of work boots by Caterpillar. If you liked the previous boots we reviewed, you would definitely like these ones. Why exactly? Because these are also made of pure leather.

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On top of high-quality leather upper, these boots also rock a synthetic sole that is pretty efficient at providing excellent grip on the roads. With a not-so-high heel, the Caterpillar boots are perfect for men who need an everyday boot.

Providing lots of comforts, the insole is impressively soft. So, you can say these are the best choice for wearing all day long.

These boots look great as well. Coming in mainly black, this pair of shoes will look great on your feet and elevate your outfit as well.

So, if this is the kind of Doc Marten alternatives you are looking for, you might want to give it a shot! We recommend these boots to anyone searching for a black pair of rugged boots.


  • Made of pure leather
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comes in black
  • Rugged outsole


  • No one will believe that this is a Doc Marten

6. Lugz Ankle Boots for Men

Lugz Ankle Boots for Men

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And for the final product of today, we have these boots from Lugz. This pair of boots can be considered a hybrid of Doc Martens and Timberlands. So, exactly why do we think this pair of boots is one of the best choices for an alternative to Doc Martens?

In terms of looks, they resemble Doc Martens to quite an extent. While in terms of quality, it can’t go head-to-head with such a brand, it does provide value for the money.

The upper of the shoes is made of pure Thermabuck, which is a special type of synthetic leather. The material of construction is what makes this pair of boots stand out from the rest.

Fitting all the other criteria, these are one amazing pair of boots. Rubber outsole? Check! Padded insole? Check! Metal eyelets for lacing? Check!

Providing durability, this is one of the best choices for cheap Doc Martens knockoffs. Check it out to judge for yourself.


  • Looks pretty good, coming in a black colorway
  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather called Thermabuck
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Resembles Doc Martens to some extent


  • Not made of pure leather

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Before you rush into buying a pair of boots, it is important that you pay attention to the below-mentioned factors. Here are some tips and suggestions from our side.

Material of Construction

Pay close attention to what the shoes are made of. Your priority should be to get pure leather boots; however, some synthetic leather materials can feel pretty premium as well.

There’s also suede and other materials. However, that comes down to preference entirely. Nonetheless, the material of construction will ensure how durable the boots will be.


If you want a pair of boots that will help you walk comfortably with maximum grip on the road, you need to check what the outsole is made of. We recommend going for rubber options as these provide the best traction.


Does comfort matter to you? It obviously does, right? And the factor that ensures you remain comfortable while wearing boots is the insole. You want a soft insole that won’t make your feet or ankle hurt after wearing the shoes throughout the day.

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A high-quality insole is what differentiates a cheap shoe and a good quality shoe. So, for the sake of your comfort, go for soft insoles.


A good lacing is what keeps the fit of the boots snug. Both the laces and the eyelets matter in this case. Check if the eyelets are made of high-quality metal that won’t be ruined because of the repeated tying and untying of the laces.

Resemblance to Doc Martens

Since you’re reading this article, we’re assuming you’re trying to get shoes that look like Doc Martens and can let you get away with calling them real.

Well, if that matters to you, look at the boots and see if they have a military boot construction with lacing. And on top of that, it must be a high-top boot and not just ankle boots.

So, before making the purchase, be sure that the boots you’re getting resemble Doc Martens at least 70-80% in order to qualify as a knock-off of the real thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why buy Doc Martens knock-offs?

Original Doc Martens are pretty expensive. So, unless you want to burn a hole into your wallet, you might want to opt for a cheap knock-off instead of the real thing.

2. What kind of outsole should a Doc Martens knock-off have?

We recommend going for rubber outsoles. Most of the knock-offs out there already fit this criterion, so you won’t have to look for it much.

3. Do Doc Martens knock offs come in leather?

Some do come in pure leather, while others might be made of faux or synthetic leather.

4. How to tell Doc Martens and knock offs apart?

The sizing and stitching pattern should be able to distinguish the two. Doc Martens are handcrafted by professionals who have been working for decades. You can just tell from looking at an original one that it’s the real thing.

5. Are knock off Doc Martens waterproof?

Some might be, but in most cases, they aren’t. However, most knock off boots are durable and rugged enough to qualify as semi-waterproof, if that makes sense.

Final Words

You can collect all the knock off Doc Martens in the world, but nothing can beat the original brand’s boots. However, the boots we have reviewed are somewhat on par with them, so if you opt for those, you won’t be missing out on much. Have a nice day!

Now, we don’t know what type of work you’re going to deal with and whether you’re a male or a female. But we tried to suggest boots that are good for working on construction sites, military ones, and the ones that can be comfy to your ankle. So, choose wisely, mate.

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