How to Clean Leather Boots

There are a number of tips on how to clean leather boots that can be of help to anyone who owns some pair of such prized shoes. To keep the shine of your boots, you need to have them polished. And this will enable the cleaned surface to absorb the polish to retain the shine. Boots are made from a range of materials … Read more

Screen Printing vs Heat Press Transfer Printing

Are you into t-shirt printing business? Or are you a fanatic of t-shirt printing? So if you find interest in t-shirt printing, you undoubtedly understand that there exist two major printing methods i.e. Screen Printing vs Heat Press. Probably you have torn apart between which is ideal for you. Well, do not worry because we … Read more

Leather Types and Grades Explained

Leather is a very versatile material, which can be used for multiple functions. You can use it to make items such as saddles, seats, clothes, bags and shoes among other things. However, before you embark on working with leather, you need to be aware of the various types of leather. It is important for you … Read more

Basics of Using a Router Power Tool Safely

The router reigns supreme when it comes to woodworking. With it, you can make raised-panel doors, round the edge of a coat rack, or create your own baseboard molding. You can also trim plastic laminate, cut dovetail joints for a jewelry box, or carve dado grooves into a bookcase. All this and more await the … Read more